It is so great reading about everyone’s experiences with the Virtual Walking Challenge!  We had amazing individuals and teams participate and feel inspired as we read through individual experiences.  This week we’d love to highlight St. Elmo Baptist Church. Ms. Cherry was the team leader of the St. Elmo Baptist Church walkers and had members… Read more »

2020 marked the first year of the #WalkwithFF2020 Virtual Walking Challenge, which ran for four weeks from Monday, June 8 – Sunday, July 5, 2020.  The challenge was a way for people to stay connected and be physically active while staying socially distanced.  Participants reported that the challenge helped them to walk more and to… Read more »

This week we’d like to highlight Greystone Baptist Church and their inspiring success with the Virtual Walking Challenge! The Greystone Walkers come to us from Raleigh, North Carolina and were determined to not let the summer heat get the better of them.  They were resolute in their goal to complete this challenge and they pulled… Read more »

Shoutout to Kennethra Price for her amazing success with the Virtual Walking Challenge! Kennethra joined us from Rocky Mount, NC as an individual participant, and although she competed as an individual, her faith helped keep her going!  Reminiscing about her experience, Kennethra explained, “I connected this challenge to my faith of never giving up. With… Read more »

This week we’re excited to highlight His Perfect Love Ministries for their amazing success with the Virtual Walking Challenge! These wonderful ladies are from Wingate, NC. and participated in the Walking Challenge as the House of Pearls team!  The women would start their day with their daily walk on a long driveway.  The Virtual Walking… Read more »

Today, we’d like to turn our attention to the University of Kentucky Extension to learn more about what they’ve done and the successes that they’ve experienced! Alivia Faris (County Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences Education at the University of Kentucky Extension) started a Faithful Families program in Louisa, KY. Faris commented, “The program has… Read more »