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Connecting with Food Pantries to Support Health and Local Foods

This webinar, offered by members of the NC State Extension Local Foods Program Team, Food Pantry/Food Bank Working Group, will provide some strategies to help participants engage with food pantries around health and local foods. This will include an introduction to new food pantry mini-lessons that can be offered at food pantries to introduce healthy cooking and local foods topics. Additionally, strategies to help food pantries promote healthy foods through procurement and client-choice models will be discussed.

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Faithful Families Disaster Recovery Webinar

Faithful Families Thriving Communities hosted a webinar on how religious communities can respond to disaster recovery needs. The webinar will feature Dr. Sarah Kirby, FCS State Program Leader at NC State University. Dr. Kirby is a Professor, FCS Program Leader, Department Extension Leader and Extension Specialist in the Department of Youth, Family, and Community Sciences. She is the State Coordinator for the Healthy Homes Partnership which focuses on improving the health and safety of children and their caregivers in homes by reducing housing hazards that cause injury and disease. Dr. Kirby is actively involved in educational programs related to preparation, response and recovery after natural disasters. She is the program coordinator for MyPI North Carolina, a youth preparedness, leadership and educational outreach program.

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Health Promotion and Equity in Rural Faith Communities

This webinar, featuring Austin Wilson from Resourceful Communities, and Kylie Foley from Institute from Emerging Issues, will provide strategies to help engage rural faith communities in health promotion and initiatives grounded in health equity.

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Institute for Emerging Issues

Effective Strategies for Building and Sustaining Faith Partnerships for Health Promotion

Faithful Families facilitators and partners will learn effective strategies for identifying, establishing, engaging, and sustaining faith communities for health promotion programs. Reverend James M. Kenady, Faith-Base Program Coordinator for UIC Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion, will share the strategies developed to encourage and support faith-based organizations, faith leaders, and lay leaders around health eating and active living.

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Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion

Building Partnerships to Support Faithful Families

Faithful Families facilitators will learn about strategies to engage local partners in their faith-based health promotion work. Facilitators will hear from Lindsay Jorgenson, Project Manager of Health Matters, Erin Carson, Catalyst Coordinator in Halifax County, Ruth Gee, Chairperson of Partners in Faith, and Yvonne Murphy, Health Matters Associate in Edgecombe County.

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Catalyst for Healthy Living and Active Living | Health Matters | Partners in Faith

Med Instead of Meds: Recipe Adaptations for Faithful Families

Faithful Families facilitators will learn how to adapt and modify Faithful Families recipes for different tastes and audiences, in addition to learning about new resources and recipes from Med Instead of Meds. his webinar will be presented by Zandra Alford, MPH, Extension Associate, Foods and Nutrition at the Department of Youth, Family, and Community Sciences at North Carolina State University and Lorelei Jones, MEd, Extension Associate, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Coordinator with North Carolina State University.

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Presentation Slides: Introduction | Med Instead of Meds | Adapting Curriculum Recipes
EFNEP Spanish Handouts |

Small Steps to Increasing Physical Activity

Faithful Families facilitators will learn about our new Walking Challenge, as well as resources and tools to help promote physical activity in communities of faith. This webinar will be presented by the Community and Clinical Connections for Prevention and Health (CCCPH) Branch of the North Carolina Division of Public Health.

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Clinical and Community Connections for Faithful Families

Faithful Families facilitators will learn about successful programs that are bridging clinical care and faith community support to ensure that people have access to accurate health care information along with a faith community environment that supports better health. This webinar will be presented by Nashon Hornsby, JD, LLM, Chief of Operations with the New Jersey Department of Health.

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Social Media: Engaging Faith Communities

Emily Foley, Extension Associate with the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program offers an overview of best practices for increasing Faithful Families recruitment, retention, and engagement through social media.

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Shared Use and Faith Communities

Dr. Annie Hardison-Moody, Faithful Families Director, Anna Stein, Legal Specialist with the Division of Public Health and Travis Greer, Worksite-Faith Coordinator discuss the promotion of physical activity through Faithful Families as well as strategies to encourage faith communities to open up their facilities for “shared use” of physical activity spaces.

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Working with Farmers’ Markets to Improve Community Access

Dr. Dara Bloom, Local Foods Extension Specialist, and Dr. Annie Hardison-Moody, Faithful Families Director, share information about a farmers’ market tour program that can be implemented as part of Faithful Families programming.  Dr. Bloom also shares strategies to incorporate local foods messaging and programming into your Faithful Families work.

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Resource Highlight: Farmers' Market Tours

Connecting with Chronic Disease Programs

Sharon R. Jackson, Diabetes Prevention Specialist,Kelly Nordby, Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less Coordinator and Jenelle Wess, Data Analysis/Nutrition Associate share information about connecting Faithful Families participants with chronic disease prevention and management programs.

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**NOTE – When viewing fast forward to the 13:00 mark for the actual beginning of the webinar.**