Our Strategies

Physical Activity

Individual and social impact: Faithful Families helps faith community members to incorporate new strategies and set goals for increasing daily physical activity. Results from our program show:

The curriculum covers:
  • Benefits of physical activity
  • Simple ways to increase physical activity individually and as a family
  • Benefits of of limiting TV and screen time

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Organizational impact: Faithful Families works with each faith community to make changes that help their community members to increase daily physical activity. Through Faithful Families, faith communities have re-paved the parking lot to serve as a walking track and have integrated physical activity breaks for all meetings.

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Community impact: Faithful Families supports faith communities to extend their reach into the local community by connecting to local resources, coalitions, and community organizations. Through Faithful Families, faith communities have joined local coalitions working to increase access to safe places for physical activity. They have opened up faith community spaces for physical activity. Faith communities have also installed Bike Fixtations near safe areas for physical activity, which have incentivized these communities to hold bike safety and repair events and to promote the importance of physical activity through signage and community biking events.

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