Virtual Walking Challenge Success Story – Greystone Baptist Church

Faithful Families PRINT

This week we’d like to highlight Greystone Baptist Church and their inspiring success with the Virtual Walking Challenge!

The Greystone Walkers come to us from Raleigh, North Carolina and were determined to not let the summer heat get the better of them.  They were resolute in their goal to complete this challenge and they pulled it off with flying colors!  The 18 member team walked over 1900 miles.  When asked about what strategies they used for participation and encouragement, Ms. Lou Dawson, shared, “Being a part of a team encouraged me to meet the challenge. Even though we could not walk together, I felt obligated to uphold my commitment.”  Ms. Dawson also commented that on especially hot days, she enlisted her husband to walk with her in the evening.  It was exciting to hear that the participants who were physically fit, and those that were just starting the journey, both saw the benefits that a walking regimen could provide.  Ms. Dawson noted, “I had not been walking regularly for a while. I exercised twice a week but really needed the daily exercise that walking provided.”

As with all well-earned accomplishments, they don’t come without their fair share of challenges.  North Carolina is notoriously hot and humid during the summer months and many individuals see physical activity as a challenge during this time of year.  The heat certainly limited the times of day when participants felt like they could go outside for a walk.  One participant walked in the rain two days and welcomed the reprieve from the heat!

Heat was not the only challenge to overcome for the Greystone Walkers, however.  Ms. Dawson shared a unique experience she had during the walking challenge, “My husband had a medical procedure one day. Because I could not leave him for the remainder of the day and not wanting to wait near others, I walked in front of the building with my phone handy while he had the procedure. It was my longest walk of the challenge.”  Way to go for making a commitment to your health, while also using exercise to diffuse a stressful situation.

Greystone Baptist Church is continuing their efforts by encouraging their members to record walking minutes each day to hold themselves accountable.

We’re so excited to hear about your success with the Virtual Walking Challenge!  Keep up the good work!