Faithful Families in Louisa, Kentucky

Faithful Families PRINT

Today, we’d like to turn our attention to the University of Kentucky Extension to learn more about what they’ve done and the successes that they’ve experienced!

Alivia Faris (County Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences Education at the University of Kentucky Extension) started a Faithful Families program in Louisa, KY.

Faris commented, “The program has been great for families in our community, especially for building relationship with youth and promoting healthier habits. It has lead to a walking trail at the faith based community’s church (which was secured through a UK FCS Mini Grant) as well as plans for vegetable gardens in the same location.”

The program was initiated in the summer of 2017 and has been ongoing since then.  An average of 18 individuals have participated in each class.

Throughout the course, Faris noticed a greater understanding among participants of what it means to make better choices when it comes to eating, as well as individuals discovering they like nutritious options of which they had never sampled before this class.

One participant commented, “I never tried cauliflower before, it’s good!”  Another participated

Through persistent effort of lay leaders, church members, and members of the community, the following changes have been adopted in the Louisa community as a result of Faithful Families:
  • A walking trail at the church
  • Plans for a vegetable garden at the church
  • More awareness of nutritious options

This work, of course, has not progressed without its fair share of challenges.  Some of the specific challenges that were met, include: adapting for a large number of children at meetings; and initiating the start of the program.

Fortunately, after the ball started rolling with the Faithful Families courses, it has been smooth sailing ever since.

Several steps are being taken to continue these efforts.  Monthly lessons will continue in Louisa, in addition to the work that is being done with church leaders to improve the health of not only the faith community but the members of the Louisa community at large.
We are so excited for progress that is being made to make our communities healthier!  Keep up the good work!