Faithful Families in Mecklenburg County, NC

Faithful Families PRINT

Today, we’re here to highlight the wonderful work that NC State Extension is doing in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina!

During the months of April and May 2019, Augusta Washington, Program Educator for the Cooperative Extension, started to teach a Faithful Families course on Wednesday evenings at the local Baptist church in Mecklenburg County.

Twenty-five adult participants were regularly in attendance.  Throughout the duration of the course, Washington noticed that the participants became increasingly more focused on the day-to-day activities.

In addition to this success, the community has made large strides at their goal of providing bottled water at every hosted event.

When asked about what challenges or obstacles surfaced during the process, Washington reported that one of the challenges was keeping the older participants engaged.

There were a couple of different partners involved in this work, including St. Paul Baptist Church and a PhD student from Duke University Nursing School.

The next steps that are being taken to continue these efforts within the county include setting up a class for the Men’s Ministry at the church.
We’re so proud of the work you are doing!  Way to go Mecklenburg County!!