Faithful Families in Robeson County, NC

Faithful Families PRINT

We love learning more about each effort made to eat healthier foods, increase physical activity, and reduce chronic disease.  We’re so proud of all our faith communities and the work that they’re doing!

Today, we’re focusing on the amazing progress being made in Robeson County.

According to the 2015 State of County Health Report, 4 of the top 5 leading causes of death in Robeson County include heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Also, these chronic diseases in adults are impacted by a county poverty rate of 32%, poor nutrition, and food insecurity.

In an effort to address this need, Robeson County Cooperative Extension provided nine nutrition workshops to 59 participants at a local church, of which 21 attended 5 or more classes.

After the workshops concluded, completed pre- and post-surveys from 14 participants revealed 100% increased knowledge and 93% changed behavior. Forty-three percent stated they were eating more fruits and vegetables and 71% stated they are drinking more water.

At least one participants stated she had lost 6 pounds since the class had started, was eating more fruit and exercising more often. Others stated they were more conscious of portion sizes and reading food labels.

Several members are now practicing safe food-handling techniques such as washing their fruit before consuming and sanitizing surfaces.

By adopting healthy and safe eating and physical activity habits, these participants will improve their families’ health, save money, and lessen the financial burden on the health care system. Based on results, Cooperative Extension will continue to offer similar programs.

We’re proud of you!  Keep up the good work!