Faithful Families in Guilford County, NC

Faithful Families PRINT

We’d love to take this opportunity today to highlight the Faithful Families programming that is happening in Guilford County, North Carolina!

In response to the Faith Community Assessment and participation in the Faithful Families program, Locust Grove Baptist Church in Browns Summit, NC started a food pantry in May 2019.

Thirteen adults participated in the 3-month Faithful Families program and were soon ready to get to work; in addition to the initiation of a food pantry, plans are in place to clear brush on a walking path to encourage walking in the community.

The pantry is organized to operate every third Thursday of the month for 6 hours.  Locust Grove Baptist Church is partnering with Steps to Health to complete the pantry baseline assessment and participate in the 3-part training series on strategies for creating a healthy food pantry environment.  Locust Grove Baptist Church also partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank.

Two challenges that were faced during this process were: 1) How to define ‘healthy’; and 2) How healthy food would be received.

The next steps to continue these efforts in Guilford County is to attend The Nuts and Bolts of a Healthy Food Pantry Training.

Good luck Guilford County! We’re cheering for you!