Virtual Walking Challenge Success Stories – House of Pearls

Faithful Families PRINT

This week we’re excited to highlight His Perfect Love Ministries for their amazing success with the Virtual Walking Challenge!

These wonderful ladies are from Wingate, NC. and participated in the Walking Challenge as the House of Pearls team!  The women would start their day with their daily walk on a long driveway.  The Virtual Walking Challenge added a bit more competition, however, so some of them started walking more often during the day instead of just their usual morning walk. During their time walking some listened to sermons or music on ear buds and some prayed for guidance for their lives.

Looking at positive impacts of the Virtual Walking Challenge, Ms. Carpenter, the Executive Director of His Perfect Love Ministries, commented on the women in the program being more aware of moving, in addition to the increased ability to manage stress and anxiety.

As with any challenge, there are things that go really well, and things that are hard.  One of the challenges that was common throughout the group was a lack of motivation to get up and move.  In the North Carolina summer heat, this is a legitimate challenge!  Hats off to the women of House of Pearls for overcoming this challenge and getting those walking minutes in!

We’re excited to hear that these efforts are just beginning.  Ms. Carpenter is continuing to encourage the women in the program to walk as often as possible during their down time.

Way to go ladies!  You are inspiring!!