Day 1 (MARCH 30)

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Dr. Pernessa Seele, founder and CEO of the Balm in Gilead, shares a message about why and how faith communities should engage in health equity work.

English subtitles available


Health Equity & Engagement


Listen to our conversation with our partners at Wake Forest Baptist Health.





Personal Challenge

Take some time to research one organization in your community that is working toward health equity. Reach out and make a connection with that organization or find out how you can partner together.

What are the organizations in your community that shape health? What are they doing to address health equity? How can you engage with them or partner together?


Read this article by Paula Braveman (2014).

Think about the following questions: What does health equity look like in your context? What is one way you or your organization can adopt a health equity lens in your work?



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Check out these helpful resources on engagement and equity:


  • What are health disparities and health equity?  We need to be clear (Dr. Paula Braveman)  Available here >>
  • The activated congregation: Five levels of engagement (Dr. Gary Gunderson) Available here >>


  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Practitioner’s Guide for Advancing Health Equity  Available here >>
  • Racial Equity Tools is a collection of resources that can help individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity in the communities they serve.  Find out more about their work and view the over 2500+ tools.  Available here >>
  • America Healing is a strategy from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It was created to promote racial healing toward racial equity, and is designed to raise awareness of unconscious biases and inequities to help communities heal. Build your own resource guide and access tools.  Available here >>
  • ChangeLab Solutions created a Blueprint for Changemakers: Achieving Health Equity Through Law and Policy.  Available here >>
  • Health Equity Guide is a website with tools for health departments and other partners to address health equity in their work.  Available here >>


  • Health Promotion and Equity in Rural Faith Communities, a webinar from Faithful FamiliesAvailable here >>
  • Faithful Families Webinar: Effective Strategies for Building and Sustaining Faith Partnerships for Health Promotion, a webinar from Faithful FamiliesAvailable here >>
  • Social Determinants of Health: What Healthcare Providers Should Know, a webinar from the Penn Center for Community Health WorkersAvailable here >>
  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s webinar series, Reimagined in America, looks to global examples to address health equity issues in the US. Topics addressed include using data effectively, working with youth, social isolation, and health equity lessons from abroad.  Watch past recordings here >>


COVID-19 Resources

“When the viruses come, as they do from time to time, we rediscover the relevance of old ideas, such as public health and communities of compassion. The coming months will bring seasons of alarm and inappropriate comfort, as we think we’ve got it under control and then alarm again. We will live because of our accurate words, clear-sighted recognition of patterns of vulnerability and resistance. And, we live, mostly because of our humane bonds of care and decency. Those are our greatest strengths:  The Spirit that gives and protects our common life and lets us find our way together.”

Gary Gunderson, Vice President for FaithHealthNC at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, reflects on COVID-19 in this blog post

  • The Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College, in partnership with Cook County Public Health and Prepare Chicago have published the Public Health Planning Guide for Faith Communities to help leadership teams set goals for preparedness and establishing a public health plan. This guide can be used by communities of all faith traditions and is designed to support organizations as they consider public health related ministry and how to care for their congregations and neighbors during a crisis.
  • Faith-based and community leaders are valuable sources of support for members of their communities during times of crisis and/or distress and have unique abilities to address concerns regarding COVID-19 and broadly promote reliable and helpful information about public health and safety.  These leaders are also poised to encourage acts of service and community relationships that can help to reach vulnerable populations with information and assistance. The Partnership Center – Center for Health and Faith Initiatives has put together guidance, COVID-19: Recommended Preventative Practices and FAQ’s for Faith-based and Community Leaders.


Read about the amazing things that faith communities are doing in…


Grand Island, NE through Nebraska Extension

Stokes County through NC State Extension