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Monday, July 5 – Sunday, August 1


We are excited to announce the 2nd annual ALL Faithful Families challenge event! Join Faithful Families and partners across the country for the Virtual Walking Challenge, as we turn our focus to reconnection. As we begin to imagine life beyond the pandemic, let’s support each other by staying healthy, staying strong, and finding ways to connect with one another.


What is the Virtual Walking Challenge?

The challenge is a fun way to encourage you, your family, and your faith community to be more physically active. Each week of the event, you will receive a newsletter with quick tips and ideas for staying active and connected during this pandemic. Using the Walking Challenge Log, you will keep track of how much you walk each day. For every 10 minutes of walking, you will receive 1 point. And new this year – each week you will find optional activities outlined in the newsletter that will give you the chance to earn additional Connection Points. Each activity is worth 3 points (equivalent to 30 minutes of walking). At the end of the challenge, you will count the total number of points (walking points + Connection Points) you have accumulated throughout the four weeks.


How long is the event? 

This is a four week event that begins on Monday, July 5 and ends on Sunday, August 1. During these four weeks, you will be challenged to increase how much you walk from week to week and to try out new ways to connect with yourself, with nature, with your community and with hope.


Who can participate? 

Anyone can take part in this challenge!  Only adults are eligible for prizes.  While the challenge was created for adults, adults are welcome to walk with their children and we encourage you to reach out and make connections – especially intergenerational ones – as you participate this year!

Be sure to check with your doctor before you start a new walking program.  Check out these helpful tips for walking more.

Is there a cost to participate?

This is a free event! Materials will be available for all to download on the website.


How do I sign up?

There are two ways you can choose to participate: 1) individually, or 2) as part of a team. To sign up, review the instructions here.


Where do I get the materials for the event? 

Materials needed to begin the challenge are available here. Weekly newsletters will be emailed to you and will also be made available here. If you are participating as part of a team, your Team Leader will receive the materials and newsletters by email and then distribute them to you.


How do I stay connected during the event? 

Faithful Families will post daily tips and motivation on Facebook and Twitter. A list of social media prompts will be provided for you to use throughout the challenge. Use the hashtag #WalkWithFF2021 to share your journey with others taking part in the challenge. Don’t forget to tag Faithful Families!

New this year – we have created a private Facebook group for 2021 Walking Challenge participants to use to connect with one another and with us! Find us on Facebook by searching for “Faithful Families Walking Challenge 2021.” Request to join and someone from the Faithful Families team will add you to the group. Only members of the private group will be able to view and post there. We hope this will be a great way to build community, share experiences, and encourage one another during this year’s challenge!

Facebook: @FaithfulFamiliesThrivingCommunities

Twitter: @FFThriving


Are there prizes?

Yes! There are four ways you can win a pair of Volantis True Wireless earbuds. Find out how to be eligible!