Day 5 (APRIL 3)

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Welcome to DAY 5 of #FFSummit2020!


On this page, you can find today’s conversations, recordings, and resources.


You made it to the last day of the Faithful Families Summit!

We are grateful for the opportunity we have had to learn alongside you this week and to think together and engage in conversations about the important role that faith communities play in promoting health equity and ways that Extension and public health professionals, community partners and faith leaders can work together to make meaningful strides toward health equity in the communities we serve.

Take a few moments to hear these messages of thanks from Dr. Richard Bonanno (Assistant Dean at NC State University and Director of NC State Extension), Mark Benton (Assistant Secretary for NC Division of Public Health), Dr. Cardra Burns (Senior Deputy Director at NC Division of Public Health), and the Faithful Families team.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our 2019 AwardsClick here to learn about the work that Robeson County, NC and UT-TSU Shelby County, TN have done to implement Faithful Families in their communities.

Finally, thank you to members of the Summit Planning Team: Gidgett Sweazy with Kentucky State University Extension, Amy Hanson from the Welborn Baptist Foundation, Dr. Paula Allen-Meares from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Renee Parrott, Faithful Families Lay Leader.

A message of gratitude from the Faithful Families team




Thank you, on behalf of the NC Division of Public Health!

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Thank you, on behalf of NC State Extension!


English subtitles available.


Partnerships & Engagement


We are wrapping up this Summit week with a focus on  strategies for growing your Faithful Families programming. We’ll think about ways to create and sustain long-term partnerships to support faith communities in their efforts to promote health and to become agents of change in their wider communities.

Our conversations, resources and personal challenges today will help us to think creatively about strategies for deepening engagement with faith communities from the earliest stages of recruitment through longer-term sustained partnerships to extend the impact of their work to promote health.  Let’s think together about the strength and impact of #FaithHealthPartnerships and long-term #CommunityEngagement.

Amy Hanson (Program Associate and Faith Community Coordinator for Wellborn Baptist Foundation) and Michelle Estrada (Family and Consumer Sciences Agent for NC State University at Wayne County Cooperative Extension) joined us for a conversation about their experiences and challenges with and strategies for recruitment and long-term engagement with faith communities through their Faithful Families programming.




Personal Challenge

Create a 1 min story about an experience from your own life that has shaped the ways you think about and understand health. Find an opportunity to share your story and ask someone else in your community for their story.

Reflect on how this feels, what is the “fruit” of identifying and sharing our stories.


Look at a map of your community – it could be your block, your neighborhood, or your town or city. Locate the places that hold significant stories.
What do these stories say about your community? About what is important to your community? How can you harness the power of these stories to build partnerships and sustain your work?



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#Community Engagement



Check out these resources on partnerships and engagement. Also, learn more about Faithful Families and how you can bring the program to your community:



  • Learn more about Faithful Families history and approach in Faithful Families, Thriving Communities: Bridging Faith and Health Through a State-Level Partnership (Dr. Annie Hardison-Moody, Julia Yao)  Available here >>
  • For recent program updates and impacts, check out our Faithful Families 2019 Annual Report  Available here >>


  • Rural Health Information Hub compiled a list of helpful strategies and approaches for reaching and involving participants in health promotion activities, including links to further resources including US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Population Affairs resources for recruitment, retention and engagement.

  • Faithful Families currently has more than 20 national partners, including universities, Extension programs, public health and faith communities across the United States, providing partners with training, curricula and instructional materials, evaluation tools and national leadership support.

If you are located outside of North Carolina, learn more about our national implementing partnership model and find out where our national partners are located.

If you are in North Carolina, learn more about the Faithful Families Flagship program and find out where our trained facilitators are located.


  • Faithful Families Webinar: Effective Strategies for Building and Sustaining Faith Partnerships for Health Promotion, a webinar from Faithful FamiliesAvailable here >>


COVID-19 Resources

  • Community is a vital resource during times of crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing us all, including faith communities, to think creatively about how to maintain and build community during this time of social distancing. Sojourners has compiled Community Without Communing: Resources for Virtual Church. Read more about how faith-based organization and communities are rising to the challenge of supporting members and neighbors and fostering community through digital strategies.
  • The impacts of COVID-19 are likely to be with us for some time to come. As you consider strategies for long-term engagement with faith communities, it may be helpful to think about the ways that different religious communities are adapting. Two religious studies professors break it down on a special podcast episode of Keeping it 101.


Read about the amazing things that faith communities are doing in…


Omaha, NE through Nebraska Extension

Robeson County in North Carolina