Our Partners

Faithful Families partners with universities, Extension services, public health, not-for-profit organizations, and coalitions across the country to support health in faith-based settings.

National Implementing Partners

Our Implementing Partners are part of universities, Extension services, public health, and faith communities across the country. These partners deliver Faithful Families and engage faith communities with direct education, supports for environmental changes, and opportunities for community engagement. Faithful Families provides curricula and instructional materials, training, evaluation tools, and national leadership support while Implementing Partners provide the hands-on engagement, local resources, and relationship-building opportunities to initiate and sustain health initiatives. If you are interested in implementing Faithful Families, you can find and connect with a National Implementing Partner in your area or apply to become an Implementing Partner.

North Carolina Flagship Program Partners

Our North Carolina Flagship Program has developed strong, long-standing partnerships with public health, state universities, Extension services, federally-funded programs, and not-for-profit organizations across the state. These partnerships are essential in bringing Faithful Families to more faith communities in North Carolina. Our partners also provide resources and expertise for program and resource development, ensuring that Faithful Families continues to meet the needs of faith communities both locally and nationally. Learn more about our North Carolina Flagship Program Partners.